Bild Summer Internship Program for Students and Graduates

Bild Studio is a full-service creative agency with over 400 satisfied clients and 1.000 successfully implemented projects. It’s been six years now since we have started to develop various software solutions, and in addition, we offer marketing, design, consulting and training services.

In order to empower students, graduates and young talents from Montenegro, region and worldwide, Bild Studio is organizing Bild Summer Internship program that will take place from 15th June to 31st August 2016.

Bild Summer Internship program includes mentorship for 7 interns in the following areas:




Bild Summer Internship is free of charge for students and graduates from all faculties and universities, who are qualified for a particular position. In addition to mentorship by seniors from Marketing, Design and IT Departments, interns will also have a chance to work on specific projects in order to gain practical knowledge and skills in areas they applied for, with employment opportunity in Bild Studio after successfully completed internship.

So far 19 candidates passed internship programs in Bild Studio, in areas of IT, Marketing, Design and Project Management, and 16 of them are now employed in Bild Studio.

Through cooperation with state and private faculties and universities in Montenegro, we are organizing lectures and trainings for students in all areas of our expertise, to help them make decision for vocation and to easier find employment.

We use this occasion to invite all interested and qualified young people to apply for Bild Summer Internship program no later than 1st June 2016, and to send their CV with Recommendation letter by their Professor or previous employer on email:

Useful links: How Does Summer Internship Work?

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