The permanence of todays music is a big question of mine. Will artists like Katy Perry, Wiz Khalifa, Luke Bryan, and many more, stand the test of time?

When you compare artists like Led Zepplin, The Beatles, and Bob Marley to musicians that are popular today, it seems almost demeaning. The credibility that the classical rock bands, easy listening (Frank Sinatra), and early reggae have gained through the stretch of time make all the new music nearly meaningless. They have made their mark in history and will continue to inspire and touch many hearts through a simple string of notes.

I constantly hear people say that todays music has no meaning, and that music isn’t like it used to be. Well, those who say that are right. Lyrics no longer expand passed three minutes and never touch on anything deep. The struggle that the starving artists went through is not administered in any sense. It is a rare sight to see a band in a recording studio trying to find that perfect riff or drum solo that will pull the whole song together.

Understandably I do not think music is as good as it used to be. Though that may be true that doesn’t mean that the music today hasn’t made its equal share in cultural relevance. Rap, pop, country, and EDM music have undeniably made their way into todays culture. They are what is popular and will continue to be part of this generation. 50 years from now people are going to be learning, just like now, what was the thing back then, whether its blues, classical rock, or even EDM music.

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