With a good portion of the population having easy access to the internet it should be of no coincidence that there is going to be a general amount of faulty facts displaced in various places. There have been many instances of people confusing faulty news with the real deal for example the man holding up a pizza parlor by mistaken association with a small prostitution ring. As the image of fake news becomes more and more of a growing concern people are beginning to take notice in the impact it can have.

It is to no surprise to me that people are beginning to fabricate fake stories to either start some sort of social up bringing or simply to make a quick buck as was earlier discussed in my English Composition. I am surprised however that someone can make a profit from simply just making an outrageous claim about current political scenes or just as small as maybe a restaurant. To me that is like asking someone who was born in 1976 to write a fictional story about World War II but sell it as first person point of view war journal. I am not at all against the idea of making money from fake news, in fact I support it as being very ingenious especially in an age where a lot of competition is held over electronics and the online market.

With many devices to fabricate and distribute any kind of deceiving or given data there are also numerous to counter check what you have just read. I myself think it is generally easy to tell when a news article is fake and even if what was read seemed to be at all skeptical it could be checked typically quickly. Much of the fake news that is fabricated comes from phony sites that offer no factual information so that should be your first alarm of being a misleading document. Secondly, if the journal seems to just blow your mind with amazement then many sites like CNN, ABC News, and Fox offer ways to safe check what was read and give light to your recent discovery.

Making my final point in this quick write up I am going to state that with all the technology and tools available to us as a public we should be responsible for deciding what is real and not. It should not be assumed that what you are reading is in fact true but that it could possibly foster some flaky information. But if you are just that easy going person looking for something stupid to read to fulfill some simple desire then you have a near limitless source of blogs, websites, news articles, journals, documents, papers, podcasts, youtube channels, and almost any other king of data dealing device you can ponder.

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