NASA spent millions on new toilets to go to MARS

Many people take it for granted, but in Space, going to the bathroom is not a minor effort. With a lack of gravity, engineers over the years have been refining the approach to make it work in space. NASA is ready to launch its latest version of the space toilet, Universal Waste Management System (UWMS).

Astronauts say the toilet facilities in the international space station’s Destiny module, shown here in a photo taken after its installation. Credit NASA

NASA started to develop the next generation space toilet years ago. In a 2013 research paper and then later in the SBIR process to award a company to make UWMS, NASA explained the need for improved space restroom facilities and waste management. …

Most people will get this wrong.

So before we start, write down your answer and why you believe the answer. If you get this answer wrong, don’t scratch it out, but leave a comment about your thinking and how it changed. Some of you may get it wrong and still not want to comment.

Before we get to the answer, let’s review basic orbital mechanics, but simplified.

Orbital mechanics

Johannes Kepler did remarkable research into Orbital Mechanics. Based on the data collected by Tycho Brahe without the aid of a telescope, Kepler developed the three laws which became the foundation for Orbital Mechanics. …

Understanding the key things about JWST that make it special.

JWST during testing and assembly. Credit NASA

Astronomers dealt with a major several problems since the inception of astronomy. First, objects give off electromagnetic radiation. The human eye’s ability to detect the visible spectrum restricts us from seeing other electromagnetic radiation. Second, distant objects wavelengths become difficult to detect. Third, the Earth’s environment (Atmosphere, vibrations from wind and heat variations) distorts the data collected.

Yes. ESA, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, TU delft all figured it out.

ESA, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, TU delft all figured out that they can build and launch a satellite for less. The goal of these smart originations? Miniaturization. But how small? What if I told you that you could hold a satellite in your hand? How about a functional satellite that is the size of a Rubik’s Cube? Sound crazy? It’s not. Here is how.

ESA, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, TU delft all have something in common. They are working with Alba Orbital.

Miniaturization of satellites is the target business of Alba Orbital.

There has been a trend in the satellite industry to…

LinkSpace launched and landed a rocket in 2019

A photo LinkSpace reusable rocket landing Test done on August 10, 2019.

Satellite Harnesses Power Of Sun To Navigate Without Engine

CENTRAL AMERICA FROM LIGHTSAIL 2This image of Central America was taken by LightSail 2 on 13 February 2020. Included in the image are Nicaragua, Central America, and Yucatan. North is at the bottom. The sail appears slightly curved due to the spacecraft’s 185-degree fisheye camera lens. The image has been color adjusted and some of the distortions have been removed.

Increasing costs of Aerojet’s Rocket Engines after being paid to reduce.

NASA plans to launch the most powerful rocket sometime in the next few years. The rocket experienced delays and cost overruns which keeps NASA pushing the debut out. The goal is still, bring America along with allies into deep space for longer and farther than ever before. The launch might not happen in 2021 but the first rocket slowly is getting closer to being real. Even though the rocket has not flown yet, NASA already inked deals for more SLS mega rockets engines.

Many people want the SLS rocket to go away and redirect funds to new space companies under…

You know the USSR and USA were #1 and #2

With the launch of the 42 kg Asterix-1 satellite, France officially became the third country to launch its own satellite, and the sixth to have a satellite in orbit.

Which nation was third into orbit? After World War II ended, the balance of power was forever shifted. With the US and Russia both eager to gain more technical capabilities, they quickly scooped up prior German scientists. …

NASA’s NextSTEP-2 program showing results.

Artist’s concept of the Gateway power and propulsion and Habitation and Logistics Outpost, or HALO, in orbit around the Moon. Credits: NASA

A big announcement about the NASA Lunar Gateway came out on Friday, June 5th, 2020. NASA officially awarded a contract to Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) for the preliminary design and development of the Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO). The plan includes placing the module in lunar orbit as the crew module of the NASA Gateway. The current contract adds $187 million dollars to fund the project through the end of 2020 and the preliminary design review to modify the Cygnus design.

NASA started grooming potential technologies years ago. NASA previously awarded contracts in 2016 under the Next Space Technologies…

Privatized Chinese Space Company made it to orbit, what is next?

i-space July 25, 2019 Orbital Launch

Rockets launch very frequently from China in recent years. It may not seem like much, but a small Hyperbola-1 rocket launched from China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in 2019. Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center is located in Gansu Province, China set up by the Chinese government to support the growing Chinese space industry. This time, a private company, Beijing Interstellar Glory Space Technology Ltd. (“StarCraft Glory”) launched the rocket. You might know them as “i-space”. This marks the first time a “private” Chinese company successfully launched into space.

The rocket Hyperbola-1 developed by i-space isn’t as big as a Falcon 9…

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I worked my dream job building reusable rockets but gave it for my wife to follow her career dreams. She deserves it. I use my knowledge to write about it now.

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