What does “Jesus is God” mean?
Experiential Theology

Dale Tuggy’s argument about the Trinity is based on misunderstanding. Let me demonstrate why I say this with an analogy.

There is only one substance known as water (H2O). However, water can manifest itself in three forms: solid (ice), Liquid (liquid water), and gas (water vapor). Each form is different from the other two forms in that they have different characteristics and function differently from each other. Yet all three are water (H2O). So Ice, liquid water, and water vapor are all distinct, different entities, yet they are also all the same thing (H2O). Using this illustration, it is easy to see how God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are all the same God, but also each a unique and distinct individual. God/god is like water (there is only one God — the Lord God in the Shama/there is only one water — H2O). So the word God can be applied to (God) the Father, (God) the Son, and (God) the Holy Spirit; just as the word water can be applied to liquid (water), solid/ice (water), and vapor (water). All forms of God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) are different, exhibiting different characteristics and doing different things. Yet they are all God, just as ice, liquid water, and water vapor are all different yet all are water (H2O).

God is a magnificently complex being that we can never fully understand. But He has revealed enough of Himself in the Bible for us to understand some things about Him; such as He is three individual persons in one (and only one) God head or substance.

Dale’s theories about God just don’t hold water (pun intended).

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