Diet Drinks Aren’t Killing You
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

“They are safe.”

“Drink away.”

I wouldn’t have even commented here if it weren’t for those two remarks but that is the biggest lie and the most dangerous piece of advice I’ve read this month.

I have lived since before they sold “diet soda” and I have been around long enough to see what’s happened to those who’ve made a habit of drinking it. I’ve watched the health of every single person I know who did that deteriorate. Most of them my age are dead now (in fact, after thinking about it, I think that all are) and stroke has taken more than a few.

Dementia? I can’t say I’ve seen a connection to that, but obesity? Oh hell yeah. Immune system issues? Yep, big time, and numerous others as well, including cancer.

And for some of them, that was the only “bad” habit they had. I will say they all drank more than just two cans a day, many of them much more, but they were addicted and that is another obvious issue that we can easily associate with those junk food concoctions.

“Epidemiologist. Health Nead”.

No. You don’t get to claim either after writing this. You disqualified yourself.

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