I Built It, for You, Will You Come?

How to Monetise your free web content.

Like this.

All I ask is that you end every blog post you write on these lines;

Please help support my work by shopping at alop.co.uk Every purchase you make will support my writing and the free to read content model.

The link above would be your affiliate link and track every sale made with 100% accuracy.

Why? Because if just one person a week buys, say, a mobile phone contract and another a holiday that would generate circa £6000 income for you. From just 100 customers per YEAR. Add Christmas, birthdays and general purchases you could double that and more. I hope you will read on.

Need another reason to read on? Every click you generate to the site increases traffic and you’ll be paid for that too, because as the site becomes more visible, thanks your content, sales will increase organically and you deserve your cut for that. Indeed it may become your primary source of income. My link is not intended to replace donation buttons it will complement them.

OK, one more reason. Early adopters will keep 90% of commission generated plus cookies for life. Those customers will be your forever and every time they share your link, you get the commission. Surely worth reading on now?

I was reading about the crisis in journalism and the fact that paid for content was in freefall, digital news was hard to monetise and millions of blogs vied with each other to get some semblance of truth out. In the great monetisation push we have seen clickbait, auto opening video, spyware of all sorts and news stories that were blatant advertising. The intrusivness of some ads can be simply unbelievable rendering the site unreadable. From January 2017 you are going to get the Google smackdown from hell so be prepared.

Placing ads that obscure the entire screen with no obvious way of closing it, is not big or clever. Flashing banner ads that distract from your content are an abomination and frequently blocked anyway. Who can blame readers for enhancing their user experience because some people haven’t thought the consequences through? It’s the work of an amateur with zero experience in retail or advertising. Blogs and websites overloaded with keywords and ads take forever to load. Your reader will never see those ads because they simply click away. Bounce.

Not advertising at all seems equally daft, you’re going to provide your content anyway and people buy stuff anyway. So why not combine the two in an open, clear and unintrusive manner?

Then I had a build it and they will come moment, bloggers and their readers would come to a site with content driven by you. It was exactly the same moment you had when you created your blog, it was a labour of love and a leap of faith that anyone would ever read it. Now millions rely on people like you, for news, economics, politics, original thinking, product reviews… I can’t list them all because every subject under the sun is covered. Hour upon hour of toil and any reward only via a donation button. But…

My idea is simple, your readers are tech savvy and shop online. Your readers also have an emotional tie with you and are motivated to help you when they can. So what if they could click on a link and be taken to a website packed with bargains and well known brands? What if it also had green and ethical alternatives? What if it advised you, free of charge, how to get some reward for your work? Somewhere your customers could do their everyday purchases and reward you at the same time? Somewhere they could purchase their holidays, mobile phones, books, TVs, furniture, sofas, even just a take away meal… this site does it all.

Once again, all I ask of you is to end all your posts along these lines.

Please help support my work by shopping at alop.co.uk Every purchase you make will support my writing and the free to read blog model.

Easy on the eye, can’t be blocked and it will work, all in time for Christmas.

My business name is Adam Law and I am a prolific blog reader and commenter, I write occasional guest blogs and have over 30 years of retail experience. I hope having read this far you will explore my site and partner with me. Adam Law Online Partnerships was built for you, will you come?

Please leave feedback in a comment even if you don’t wish to join, ask any questions you may have and thank you for reading.

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