Oyster — Our Next Phase

After much thought and discussion, Bruno has decided to take on a more aggressive approach with regards to marketing and general exposure. Now that our product is live we believe we have ground to stand on with regards to becoming a household name in the industry.

To spearhead this new era, I have been appointed as the new CEO of Oyster. This will simultaneously free up Bruno’s time to focus exclusively on protocol architecture and allow me to leverage my business and managerial experience to take Oyster to new heights.

I am incredibly honored and excited to takeover the CEO role and have been hard at work crafting a near-term action plan. We have heard feedback from a vast majority of our community at this point and we want to do everything in our power to respond in a decisive manner. To accomplish that, we will move into a new “phase” of the project, as we graduate from our conceptual and early development roots to a post-launch project, which will allow us to execute on the following focus areas:

Exchange Listings

I know this has been a spirited topic as of late. Due to a number of unique issues (drawn-out incorporation process, need for a Howey test memo, etc.), our time-frame to get listed on many of the large exchanges has been significantly more drawn out than we would have liked. Having said that, we are aggressively moving forward on providing more exchanges to our community as we seek to increase our broader liquidity. We are in fairly late-stage discussions with multiple exchanges in the Top 10 and many more in the Top 30 (on a volume basis). Needless to say, there will be many more exchange listing announcements on the horizon.

Localization in Japan, China and South Korea

To help support our exchange listing and community growth initiatives, we are in the process of engaging a well-regarded localization service to help us create content and build out our community in Japan, China and South Korea. If you are part of one of these regions and are interested in helping our efforts here, please reach out to one of our community managers in Telegram.


I will be working closely with Chris Garner (our CMO) to increase our visibility from a PR perspective. We will also be engaging with a wide variety of content creators and will be proactively building out broader market awareness for Oyster. This doesn’t happen overnight so I would ask for patience on this item, but we will be working hard behind the scenes to drive more (visible) value here moving forward. We also plan to get much more pro-active with developing long-term, strategic partnerships with potential customers, technology partners and other relevant blockchain projects.

Conferences/Public Appearances

Historically, Oyster has shied away a bit from the public spotlight, in-line with Bruno’s personality and anonymity. As of today, that changes. We will be much more proactive with regards to conferences and public appearances and you will be seeing a lot more of the Oyster team in the future. With Mainnet launching, this is a perfect time to build out our profile and use it to aggressively improve our reach.


The main takeaway from this post is for everyone to understand the Oyster team is more motivated than ever to take our project to the next level. We are excited for what is to come next and believe this organizational re-alignment will be in the best interest of the project long-term. Feel free to join us on our Telegram or Reddit to discuss further

Note: Oyster will continue to provide weekly progress updates regarding what the development team has been working on to improve the protocol. This week’s update will be released tomorrow, June 9th.