Oyster Pearl Team Update #2

The Oyster team is back with a few additional updates on items that have happened over the past week. For day-to-day news and other intermittent news, we would encourage all interested parties to join our Telegram and Reddit communities.

Full Re-Brand of Oyster Pearl Logo & Website

As previously mentioned in our update last week, we have just completed work on our new website and branding materials. We have also migrated to our new domain: oysterprotocol.com. We spent a significant amount of time working through a variety of different designs and are ecstatic with the final product. A special shout out to Chainlink Labs for their help in all of this.

R&D Update

The Oyster R&D team is thrilled to welcome three new engineers this week. All three have strong blockchain experience and will add to our increasing velocity in the coming weeks:

Facundo is a senior engineer with extensive smart contract knowledge and also a specialty in cybersecurity and penetration testing.

Arthur joins us from his previous position as Blockchain Lead at Ubique Networks.

Ladislav is on board to strengthen the team’s backend code standards and QA procedures.

Our dev count has grown so large we had to move to Slack for better organization. You can follow the team’s daily progress on Github to see that we are working hard to make sure TestNet A is functional by the end of the month.