How Boomers can enjoy longevity with vibrant good health

How Boomers can enjoy longevity with vibrant good health

A giant wave is washing ashore. There are more than 40 million Baby Boomers over the age of 65, and by 2030, the over-65 crowd will number 20% of the American population. With life expectancies now reaching well into the late 80s, for many of us the post-retirement chapter of our lives will be measured in decades, not years. 
That’s a lot of time that could be spent enjoying life with vibrant good health — or suffering from steady and painful physical and mental decline. Given the choice, which would you choose?
Guess what? You have been given the choice. While some elements of our health will always remain beyond our control, many more facets of our physiological well-being rest firmly in our hands, particularly as we age and can no longer depend on the natural resilience and vigor of youth. The key to vibrant good health as you age is to mindfully and purposefully renew and retain muscle strength, joint flexibility, and mental focus.
This doesn’t have to mean training for a marathon or going on a yoga retreat in Central America. It can be as simple as practicing Centertation™ Renew, which creatively engages your entire being through the power and beauty of Qigong/Tai Chi Movements, yoga, acupressure touch points, positive emotional messaging, self-anchoring, breath work and creative visualization — all in one exercise that can be done anywhere.
Vast streams of information travel throughout the body in the form of electrical signals, electrical magnetic signals, chemical signals, pressure and heat waves. Much of this energy is malleable, and can be mindfully altered and regulated through breath, movement, attention, and intention, keeping your muscles and joints active and flexible and your energetic pathways open and flowing.
An essential part of Centertation™ Renew is learning to influence your physiology to control your emotions, thoughts, and behavior, using a powerful combination and sequence of movement, breath work, and positive emotional messaging. It’s one of the best, easiest, and most accessible tools we can use to ensure that our minds and bodies remain supple and healthy as we age.
Most of us have worked hard our entire lives with an eye on the finish line of retirement. But the finish line is actually more than 20 years further down the road, with lots of beautiful, enlivening ground to cover in between. Centertation™ Renew can help ensure that you travel it in vibrant, glowing, and peaceful good health.