As an Asian American I am invisible in this country.
David Yi

Bravo David, Well Done! It reminded me of another article about Asian American Males being invisible to American women because maybe 10 times more Asian females marry across racial lines than do Asian males. I can feel the anger inside of you but remember the whole concept of the USA remains a historical experiment and requires 3 or more generations before coming to any conclusions. The Italians, Irish, Polish, Jewish and other immigrants experienced very similar experiences as you have described but after a few generations have become part of the American melting pot. In this other article it explained how generally speaking women are attracted to males seen on TV and films and financially successful males and in very recent years maybe only over the past decade slowly but surely Asian males are reaching such spheres of power and featured in the limelight . CEOs of Indian origin are on the covers of Forbes and Fortune magazines, several Asian actors’ and film directors’ careers are improving. I’m white but left the USA many many years ago in my early 20s choosing to live my life abroad, mostly in Asia and the Philippines; 2 out of 3 human beings are Asians and their influence on the world, even among the whites is growing. So maintain your diligence and, reach out and interact with those who are too blind to see you.

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