How To Have More Time
Andrew Merle

Good advice for most people; the infamous “commute” worldwide is a killer which can seriously shorten people’s lives. Multi-tasking when it comes to going out shopping and getting things repaired etc can often be managed in one trip. We’ve always lived inside or above our small businesses here in Manila and Boracay Island so have always realized how lucky we have been to have rejected any lifestyle that required commuting. Hiring others to do work which can be paid at a lower price than oneself is common sense but usually takes time to adopt after living frugally so many years. In recent months I’ve been concentrating on spending less time in front of a screen, ANY screen including smart phone, TV and lap top and chosen to read novels by some of my favorite authors and I have found it not only relaxing but very educationally stimulating as well. For many years my wife and I have made time to take long walks on the beach on Boracay Island or along Manila bay nearly everyday.

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