If You Can Believe It, You Can Achieve It
Darius Foroux

Good pep talk Darius and very helpful and encouraging to many people but I think you could have added a couple of paragraphs of reality check advice as well to make it more enlightening. Each of us as an individual is born with a different group of traits and gifts some more rewarded by society than others so one’s life plans, ambitions or dreams need to be thoroughly researched before being realistic. Our daughter loves to write but we also pointed out that in the late 90s when she was teenager that the average writer made U$4000/ year and was married to a business person or professional like doctors, CPAs, lawyers, etc . We still encourage her to write a novel offering her a financial reward for her efforts but by the page only if she shows discipline enough to write 100 pages with intentions to finish with 400 to 600 pages. As of now she hasn’t completed 100 pages. But all of us need to feel like our dreams are in the pipeline of our lives. So good luck and looking forward to reading your future postings.

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