How We Screw Up the Idea of Financial Abundance
Jane Hwangbo

Well put “Abundance is your way out. Abundance allows you to mentally break from the habits you practice out of fear and insecurity about the future.” Savings lead to the light at the end of the tunnel where freedom to wake up and choose one’s life is. Neither my wife and I worshiped largesse and abundance be we did worship our personal freedom from the “system” so when we were 33 to 34 we made our first 5 year plan which was for our small business to grow to basically the developed nations’ median income of U$50T / year and be able to operate it by being off-site most of the time. It took 6–1/2 years but we made it before turning 41. And each and everyday we wake up to birds singing we appreciate how lucky in life we have been since then. Good Luck to ALL finding your own paths toward your own goals.

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