Lies you tell yourself about spiritual growth.

Bill Todd
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Lies you tell yourself about spiritual growth.

10 years.

I had not been back to my home town in 10 years. And I did not like what I saw.

My parents still live in the town where I grew up. I have a great relationship with them, and we see each other as frequently as possible. But it has always been easier for them to come to us, or to see each other at my sister’s house. And before you know it, 10 years have passed.

Last summer, it worked out to go to their beautiful house, situated on three acres outside of town. And of course, I had to go back visit my childhood home, the one that I grew up in.

I did not like what I saw.

Did not like it at all.

The house was run down. The neighborhood was run down. Houses needing paint. Yards not mowed. Vehicles parked in yards.

So I drove around town a little more. Drove through the old neighborhoods where my friends had lived. Same problem. They were run down, uncared for. Even the neighborhoods that we considered to be the “nice neighborhoods” were in disrepair.

Why? Economics. Lack of jobs. The inevitable march of time. All of the above.

There are nice neighborhoods in my hometown. They are just outside of town now. People have done what my parents did. Move a little farther out. Invest, buy and build new.

That’s what you have to do to have the dream that you want. Invest and build something new.

I want my old house the be the same house. The house that I remember, in the neighborhood that I remember.

But that would be a lie. The house is not the same. The neighborhood is not the same. The town is not the same.

I am not the same.

And neither are you.

You tell yourself the same lie about spiritual growth.

You tell yourself that you can continue to do the same things that you have been doing, and somehow see different results.

You tell yourself that you will achieve the life you want, but don’t need to invest your time and attention to your spiritual growth.

Lies do serve a purpose. They bring a short term reward by allowing you to avoid the hard work that you know you need to do to have the life that you want.

But lies never allow you to obtain that life that you really want.

They just distract while the condition of your heart gets more and more rundown.

If you are ready for something new, I put together a free resource that can lead you into new spiritual practices that will help you grow.

You can get it here.

Thanks for reading. I have a lot of articles here on Medium, and would love for you to check them out.

Bill Todd

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Bill Todd

You desire a rich, connected soul life. I provide spiritual direction to help you make that life a reality.

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