That condescending comment…

Image by Anastasia Bondareva

There is nothing that cuts like condescension.

No matter where it comes from.

I asked a co-worker what was wrong.

“A condescending customer” was her answer.

Nothing cuts like condescension.

I know that the condescending comment, the snarky tone, the look…

I know that it comes from feeling hurt, and then spreading the hurt onto others.

But even when you understand, nothing cuts like condescension.

Especially when we get the condescending attitude from someone is a position of leadership.

Especially pastoral leadership.

I have watched it happen too many times.

When someone thinks that their “calling” or their “vision” excuses their condescending treatment of those they work with and those they lead.

I have zero tolerance for that crap anyone.

You should have no tolerance for it either.

Condescension is never is the toolbox of a spiritual director.

Listening is.

Encouragement is.

Clarification is.

Understanding is.

Condescension is not.

Because you are far too valuable.

Never settle for less.