You Are Here: How to experience the spiritual growth and connection that you desire.

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To experience the kind of spiritual growth that you desire, you need two things: a path and a plan.

We make the entire process of spiritual growth more complicated than it is. Spiritually ambitious people have forged many paths that we can follow. When we follow the path that they have shown, we can experience what they have experienced.

We will talk more about the plan later in the curriculum. For now I want to talk about the Assessment of where you really are. We have all looked at a map in a Mall or in a park and found the dot that tells us “You Are Here.”

We use the app on our smartphone to locate where we are so that we can get directions to our desired destination.

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You want a clear picture of where you are today. You want to know the point that your journey is starting at, so you can measure your progress.

Here are three simple steps that you can take right now to assess your spiritual position. (Think of this work as spiritual GPS.)

Step 1: Make a connection.

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Select a handful of words that you feel describe your spiritual path from its beginning until today. Choose no less than three, and no more than 10. Write them down so that you can see them. How do these words make you feel?

Coaching point: Do not let this go long. You don’t want to write out your life story, we just want to get a sense of where you are.

Step 2: State Your Desires.

Image by Stuart Miles

If you could wave a realistic magic wand where would you be spiritually in 6 months?

What else would you like, in terms of your spiritual life?

Coaching Point: This is goal setting, creating clarity, and increasing your motivation.

Step 3: Increase Your Connection To Your Desires.

Image by Stuart Miles

If you were to truly possess the spiritual attributes that you just wrote down in the previous step, what would that do for you? How would it change your life?

Write down your answer.

How does that answer feel in your body?

Coaching Point: This increases motivation and likelihood of taking action!

These steps are the first part of a personal spiritual assessment that I work through with every client I work with as a spiritual director. These steps and ones that follow form the foundation of all of the spiritual growth work that we do.