Reflecting on the daily conversations about wellbeing and the myriad of articles I have read, I come back to a very basic proposition: the starting point is to take care of what I call the core human concerns of:

· ourselves

· those who we are responsible for, e.g., team members, our children

· our partners

· those who take care of, for example, our children, in short, our teachers.

That is, engaging in conversations that allow a person to feel:

· safe

· listened to

· appreciated

· respected

· valued.

From there we can build all dimensions of wellbeing.

For this, we do not need to institute more programs. Rather, take time from our busyness for a simple

· good morning

· how are you

· what do you think?

· thanks,

… and go on from there.

What are your thoughts?



Bill Ash Author

Bill Ash Author

A corporate leader/lawyer/coach/parent, Bill’s passion is to understand how we live in our conversations and how they inform everything we think/say/do.