Stop using @channel on Slack

every time you @channel an employee sets a mute

Stop triggering desktop notifications with non-emergency communication. All you are doing is making me close Slack.

@channel: what’s a good book for me to read about learning to code?
hey everyone, what’s a good book for me to read about learning to code?

What’s the difference between these two sentences? The second one didn’t cause a desktop notification.

just change the settings

I know I can turn desktop notifications off, but I need them for when something real needs my immediate attention. Also, I am over 9 clicks away from the setting. I am 22 clicks away if I don’t know exactly where it is.

I have to do this on a per-channel basis. Every new channel I do this 9 click dance in my most aggravated state.

The problem is so bad there is a special toggle button just to mute @channel communications. I bet it was way more than 9 clicks per channel before they added this button.


I’m at my busiest whenever I am the most bothered by this. What happens when I get a desktop notification for something totally useless? I close Slack. I feel really great about closing Slack in that moment.

Because of the use of @channel I associate good feelings with closing Slack.

how chat works

If you leave off @channel at the beginning of your message we still know you are addressing everyone in the channel.

If you leave off the @channel we get to interact with non-emergency non-time sensitive communication on our own terms.

The more you @channel the less people listen.

everyone is reading your messages

Everyone is muting channel wide communications though. That will come and bite us in the ass one day during a production incident. Please stop using @channel.

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