Left: 2011 (320 pounds or so. Information I wasn’t trying desperately hard to find out about at the time.) Right: End of 2015, at 208 pounds.

The Easiest Way to Lose 125 Pounds Is to Gain 175 Pounds


Starting in January 2015, around 330 pounds. Yes, this is a deliberate attempt to take the worst picture ever to have an easy baseline to beat. I tanked my before photo.


Along the way: Nashville in March, around 290 pounds. Real-life friends blurred for their own sake. Not hiding whiskey in my pocket, either.



Outside the Watch the Thrones podcast taping in June with a couple of randos, 256 pounds. Got that good paunch.

And How

With Robert Mays, a writer at grantland.com, before our live podcast on September 8. 231 pounds.

And Next

January 2. 206 pounds. Next project: figure out what I am ever doing with my hands




Professional adult. barnwellespn@gmail.com

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Bill Barnwell

Bill Barnwell

Professional adult. barnwellespn@gmail.com

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