In Defense of Punching Cops
The DiDi Delgado

Can you please go punch a cop and then do a follow up piece for us, detailing how it worked out for you? Just for a day, Id love for you and all the other anti-cop BLM justice “warriors" to have no cops to police your neighborhoods. You see, what youve done is stereotype all cops based on the actions of a statistically insignificant sample. That would be similar to me calling you a crack smoking welfare spending section 8 ho.

Youre whats wrong with today’s youth. Because youre so special, you believe the world should be as you want it to be, and that whatever is necessary to achieve your vision is justifiable. The problem with that is youre ignorant. You have no idea how the world works, nor any experience of life outside your comfort zone. But arrogance and grandiosity give you the confidence to write trash like this. I feel bad for your child.

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