BillBuster’s Release of the Funniest Customer Testimonials! Vol. 1…

We shouldn’t share these, but they are just too damn funny not to share!

In the first week since launch, BillBuster’s has saved customers over $8,000 annually on their cable and internet bills. We have shared some of your stories already, but here are the top testimonials we just didn’t have the heart to share (until now)!

No 5.

“Uber, Air BnB, and now billbuster’s. I’ve shared a ride, I’ve shared my bed, and now I’ve shared my bill. The best part about this is, I made extra money without any weird small talk or having to burn my sheets. Thanks Billbusters!!!” -Sharon-Lower West Cleves

No 4.

“At first when my husband gave me the Billbuster’s service for Valentine’s Day, all I wanted to bust were his balls, but then they saved me enough money that we were able to add all the premium movie channels and upgrade our package so we could pick up TLC, BRAVO, O, and six other channels the Kardashians are on!!!” -Megan De’Monty –Upper West Mason

No 3.

“I reached out to the billbusters to fix these mysterious 10 dollar upcharges on our Spectrum Bill, only to find the charges were real! Turns out they were for 2 “novelty movies” with titles I can’t say here. They Busted my Bill and my Husband! Thanks Billbusters!” –Joan-Fairfield

No 2.

“After several failed attempts to lower my bill myself, I decided to try this new service with Billbusters to see what they could do. I sent them a copy of my bill, and two days later they responded with the following message “Dear Valued Customer, while we appreciate your inquiry, we are not at this time negotiating exterminator bills. We have found there are just too many variables in these bills for us to wrap our brains around. Varmints, pesticides, etc., and frankly we are concerned if we piss these guys off they will send all the creatures our way.” Who will lower my bill?!!!! When will these guys expand their services!!!!!!” Carl Manly-Not Impressed — Norwood

No 1.

“I recently returned from the service to find my time warner bills had doubled. Oh and they now go by Spectrum? Turns out you can’t rebrand a hair covered turd ‘cause when I called to get my bill lowered they wouldn’t do anything for me. When will these people get it? I called the Billbusters to see what they could do ‘cause I didn’t feel like dealing with this “SH*T” and their expert negotiators were able to save me $360 a year! Thanks guys!” — Andrew Knochelmann- Upper West Georgetown, Ky

Keep sharing out there and we will too!!!!


The BillBusters Team