How Bitcoin’s Blockchain Could Power an Alternate Internet
Scott Rosenberg

Invictus — BitShares

That was an interesting article. One of the biggest problems with cryptocurrencies today is that in order to trade them, users must go to an exchange. BitShares (BTS) has changed that by creating a peer-to-peer client for trading crypto assets. BitShares also allows for crypto derivatives of real world assets like, say, USD. They even have a name for it: BitUSD.

BitUSD tracks the US Dollar and can be transferred from one person to another in 10 seconds. I think Invictus has the right idea here. They have essentially allowed individuals to move their USD to a crypto equivalent without the dreaded “What will Bitcoin be worth tomorrow” syndrome.

The only thing lacking with BitShares is a mobile client to make it easy to move BitUSD from one person to another.

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