Learning skills by following Beyoncé.

The story of creating a typography guide that passes through major bubbles in California College of the Arts.

What Starts It

I’m a graphic design student, and I live in a bubble. In this bubble, I spend most of my time with other graphic design students. This bubble lives in California College of the Arts (CCA), alongside many similar bubbles.

Everything seems so wrong yet so right. Crossing the Pacific Ocean to the United States, I’ve never thought that I could go this far in my learning journey. This is my first journal in Medium, and I am dedicating it to Secret Project and those who’ve been supporting me as friends.

The first time I heard of Secret Project, I was a freshman in California College of the Arts. It was my new friend Weiwei Hsu told me that I should join this “cool thing.” Although I was somewhat confused, what she described as an eye-opening experience deeply intrigued me…

Bill Chien

Humanist, Graphic Designer

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