Spacemacs makes me want to code

Eclipse, Textmate, SublimeText, SublimeText2, RubyMine, Webstorm, Atom, Visual Studio Code…Spacemacs. A code editor, which takes a huge step back in user interface design, has encouraged me to code like no other in the past. Even though this year focus is on machine learning and centers on Jupyter notebooks, I am just looking around for a reason to use Spacemacs.

This is all a bit strange as I ignored VI(M) and Emacs since college. I expected my tools to keep up with the technologies I was using. Spacemacs was the first third party app I installed on my new MBP. A brand new 15" MBP with Retina display and dedicated graphics card and I am using a text-based code editor.

Why? I enjoy the depth of the experience. I love me some shortcuts. It like my own private Easter egg hunt. Spacemacs has plenty of them. Any time I fire it up, I am hoping to find out some new feature or chord string to use.

And with that, I am going to follow Spacemacs Rocks and blog about my own discoveries as I go.

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