5 Common Issues with iPad and How To Fix Them

Ever since its introduction in the market, the Apple iPad has maintained its position as one of the most popular devices, through every subsequent generation. It’s a great tablet, but of course it doesn’t come without flaws. Occasionally all users run into issues- but this doesn’t necessarily mean running to an iPad repair store. Most of them can usually be fixed using troubleshooting tips. Here are some frequently encountered iPad problems that usually plague users- and simple fixes for them.

1. Frozen iPad screen

This is a common problem met by almost all iPad users where the screen freezes. This usually happens because of a conflict of running apps. There’s no fix for an app with bugs in the programming itself that causes the screen to freeze, but sometimes it leaves corrupted memory behind. Such an app can be deleted and reinstalled to fix the problem.

If closing the app doesn’t work, the first thing to generally try is to power the iPad off and on again, as rebooting clears immediately available memory used by applications. Otherwise the iPad can be put to rest by holding down the home key and sleep button at the same time.

If all else fails, connect your iPad to your computer and use iTunes to restore the OS. Always back up your data before performing this step!

2. Battery or charging issues

Battery life issues are a common and annoying issue. This may be exhibited as heavy battery drainage post update of an iOS upgrade, or an inability to charge. In some cases you may find that it’s because the iPad isn’t getting enough juice it needs to fully charge its battery. No need to fret and rush to iPad repair- first try these fixes. The most common issue is many USB ports on older computers don’t supply enough power to the iPad.

If the iPad isn’t charging even upon rebooting and plugging into the wall socket with the original power cable, then try getting a replacement cable and adapter.

If it still doesn’t work- here’s a handy tip. Try switching off Data Roaming Setting because it’s common WiFi or cellular settings can cause battery drain. Tap the settings>cellular data>toggle off, this simple toggling of cellular options can often fix battery issues.

If battery drains constantly and doesn’t charge still, it’s time for an Apple visit- you may have an electrical hardware issue.

3. Connectivity issues

First of all, make sure your WiFi software is updated to the latest version. Most problems with getting connected to the Internet can usually be solved by just moving closer to the router. If not, then the basic troubleshooting step is rebooting the device, which can also be applied to the rebooting the router.

If this simple fix doesn’t work, head to Settings> General > Reset > Reset network settings. Give it a shot! If none of these work, then maybe you can proceed to iPad repair.

4. iPad not recognized in iTunes

Now this is a frequent problem. First, as always, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC or Mac. Next, restart it. Is your computer recognizing the iPad? Make sure your USB connections, hub port and cable are all working. If they aren’t- change or replace them.

If there’s still no change, try uninstalling it and reinstalling the app. (Don’t worry about the uninstallation, it won’t delete all your music and apps)

5. Random Reboots

iPad users often encounter a situation where the device resets itself, randomly and of course- annoyingly. First as always- try the magical restart. A reset on all settings is recommended.

For that, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings. Regardless of the fix, it will have a positive effect on your device’s performance.

Also, iPads generally don’t attempt a restart until there’s enough battery power- so the loop of charging a little, attempting a boot, shutting off, and so on — could be because the iPad has insufficient battery power to actually conduct a start up. Get your iPad sufficiently charged to complete a full boot cycle.

Hope these tips saved your time and money! If you’re still facing issues with your iPad, be sure to bring it over to your nearest iService center in Delhi or Bangalore, or schedule an appointment here for a doorstep service.

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