Big Data: How Facebook Knows You Better Than a Therapist

Facebook has been the biggest social networks of the world and over millions of people go online everyday to share details of their everyday life with friends, family and sometimes even the world! Last year, researchers from University of Cambridge and Stanford University in their study on Facebook concluded that the platform is designed in such a way that it could actually predict our personality more accurate and easily than most of our close family, friends, and even a therapist!

What is the Secret behind Facebook’s Intelligence?

The obvious answer to that is — Data! Facebook analytics chief Ken Rudin had openly admitted that Facebook would be nothing without the big data technologies. The Facebook analytics team has developed ways to safely predict the intelligence of its users, political views and emotional stability.

Facebook had also launched something called Topic Data. Topic Data is a technology where marketers get the chance to analyse the responses of the audience with regard to brands, events, activities, and more while keeping personal information private.
 Marketers can use this information from the topic data to customize the way they market on other platforms as well.

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The Latest Big Data Analytics at Facebook

Facebook’s data strategy is led by its Data Science team. The analytics used by data can predict events weeks before it is actually happening. This possible as it is based on the algorithms generated with user behavior. Monitoring tools have now been developed to record everything from how long a user hover the cursor over certain parts of the page to what websites they crawl through outside of Facebook.

However, the concern that comes to mind is how influential public organisations, agencies & marketers use this data from Facebook to find the people opposed to their views and manipulate their moods.

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But there are few thoughts to ponder on- one must realize that there is not much we can hide as we scroll through a news feed liking things as we go. There isn’t going to be much that we can keep secret or personal. That notion can be both scary and powerful. It also serves as a good indicator of what the future of data holds. You can predict all that the help of just 5 Step Social Media Campaign for Facebook.

At first glance, Facebook as a platform will appear to not have much to offer, but the sooner you tap the potential of its Big Data groups/communities/public forums that function to spread knowledge about technologies the better and smarter your strategy to mine, manage and analyse data for businesses will be.

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