Five Offbeat Work Wear Ideas for You

The corporate world can be rather unforgiving when it comes to enforcing rules and conformity. The office can suddenly become a place of drab, gloomy colors and unflattering fits. The best way to bring a little variety into your work wear is to making your clothes a little bit more fun than plain colors and boring patterns.

You are probably wondering where to find offbeat clothes for work. Look no further than HugoSara. Find custom suits online that are made to fit. Here are five offbeat work wear ideas brought to you by HugoSara.

Legend Two Piece Suit

Give a classic combination a fun turn a double breasted jacket and trousers in the matching color. Consider cuffing your trousers to give it a slightly street savvy look. Pair with a solid color like white to keep it formal. The best part of this outfit is your accessories can be louder against the paler suit.

Gavin Three Piece Suit

This Gavin Three-Piece Suit is especially made for formal receptions or parties. Stand out from a crowd of black suits and bow-ties with a three piece suit, all in the same color and pattern. This big checkered suit is stylishly clean and is best paired with understated accessories. Find flawlessly designed custom suits online only at HugoSara.

Kenny Checkered Blazer

Let your blazer do all the talking by making it the focus of your outfit by wearing a Kenny Checkered Blazer. HugoSara makes custom suits like these online tailored to fit you perfectly. This blazer can take you from office casual to formal party with a change of trousers of a dark to a bright color.

The Burltad Look

The Burltad Look is the messy hair of the office wear outfits. A clean, crisp white shirt is paired with dark trousers and no socks. Roll the sleeves to make it an outfit bordering on casual than formal. This look is apt for casual wear Fridays and a relaxed office environment in creative fields like photography or advertising.

The Jonan Look

This is an outfit best suited for young professionals or gym bodies. Both the shirt and trousers are slim fit, accentuating broad shoulders and trim tummies. Roll up the trousers and wear moccasins to keep it trendily official at the office. Solemn up your outfit with a dark tie and a tie-pin to keep your ensemble chic.

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