Top Dairy Companies in Uttar Pradesh

Calcium, protein, potassium, and every other nutrient your body needs- one glass of milk in the morning goes a long way in keeping you happy, healthy and strong. Vitamin D fortified- milk keeps your body bones and immunity at optimal level. There are many dairy products manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh, but which ones are the best? Make sure the milk you’re buying is of the best milk brands. Here are the top dairy companies in Uttar Pradesh- listed for your convenience.

1. Gyan Dairy

A company that started in 2007 with just two products initially- Gyan Skimmed Milk Powder and Desi Ghee, purity and consistent quality soon became the hallmarks of their now wide range of products. The consumers clearly appreciated the high ISO recognition of their standards, as all the products-ranging from toned milk, to chaash, to delicious butter and lassi- gained immense popularity and opened the doors for Gyan’s expansion in Uttar Pradesh. Their high quality has been applauded by an ever growing and expanding loyal base of customers, and by several awards like the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2016)’ by Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI) and other such markers of certified quality, which makes for the absolute best milk and milk products you can choose!

2. Paras Dairy

With their tagline “life enriched”, Paras dairy has been ensuring this since 1960. Covering over 5400 villages in their network and newer facilities, Paras Dairy has been catering to the needs of clients by selling over 2,50,000 liters of milk every day in the Delhi Metro! Their belief is that milk gets its unique, amazing taste from dedicated monitoring of quality, special care and attention to detail and packaging steps of production. It’s this careful processing that helps enable retain great taste, and they’re known for their prompt delivery services.

3. Shyam Dairy Products

Shyam dairy products is a venture of the multifaceted Shyam group, known as the largest dairy farm in Uttar Pradesh. It’s ISO and HACCP certified, and processes about four lakh liters of milk a day. Their centres are known for the state-of-the-art infrastructure and high level testing and chilling facilities, operating in hygienic environments to lead to great milk products that are sold over a very vast network- from Bihar to Assam even. Shyam Dairy products are tasty, healthy and a great choice to make.

4. Umang Dairy

A dairy plant established in 1994, Umang Dairy is a certified and extensive milk processing plant that collects quality milk from their village collection system of over 300 villages. They have their own research and development centre, constantly working on improving collection and product upgradation- with delicious products available both in bulk and consumer quantities, ranging from skimmed milk, to dairy creamers and whiteners. Guaranteed quality and extensive circulation aside, Umang dairy keeps improving.

5.Parag Milk Foods

A large dairy plant encompassing several brands like Gowardhan, Topp Up, Pride of Cows and so on- Parag Milk Foods pay special attention to products and their unique tastes. Shredded cheese, homemade ghee, natural fruit based yoghurts- Parag Milk foods make sure their products delight and nourish, with extended shelf life and a wide enough range to ensure that kids and adults alike can indulge in healthy and wholesome dairy products that are simply great to taste.