What To Do About Cracked Glass on iPhone and iPad?

Life comes to a standstill the moment you drop your iPhone! Anyone who has ever dropped their iPhone or iPad and had it land on the screen would understand that panic attack that sweeps over. After all, what is as expensive as buying a new iPhone or iPad? Getting the after sale repairs like getting a shattered screen replaced.

There is no denying that cracked glass on iPhone and iPad can be a nightmare. But you can always get them replaced- and you can do this in a lot of ways. When your iPhone or iPad screen shatters the options you have are to get the screen replaced by Apple, use your AppleCare+ option, DIY screen replacement or rely on the services of a professional iPhone service company.

First things first:

If you have a frozen screen that is not responding, the case is altogether different. But for a damaged screen the intensity of the damage would determine your next steps. For minor cracks that do not affect the performance or the operation much, you would be able to find a lot of quick fixes and solutions to tackle them and continue using your phone.

If it is just the screen that has shattered then a simple screen replacement would solve the problem. In this case, you would still be able to use the phone and it would still be fully functional. Only trouble would be the viewability. If this is the case then the first step to take is to create a full phone backup either through iTunes on your PC or to the iCloud from your phone. If the display panel has gone bad then your iPhone display would not be working and this would make it difficult to proceed with your iPhone.

The options:

1. Apple screen replacement services

The most straightforward option is definitely to get your screen replaced by Apple. For this, you could either, register your repair request and send your phone through post or you could deposit it at an Apple center close to you. This is the safest among all other options but also the most expensive one.

If it is a small hairline crack that occurs due to a possible manufacturing or assembly flaw then the problem would be taken care of Apple without any hassle and this would be covered in your warranty. But if the damage is due to an accident this would not be covered under the warranty and so you would have to spend a huge sum for the screen replacement.

2. AppleCare support

AppleCare can be purchased along with the new iPhones and iPads. Buying AppleCare + covers two accidental damages. Further, the usual repairs and services are also cheaper when you have an AppleCare subscription.

3. DIY

For the daring ones, this might seem to be the cheapest option. You can get a replacement screen online or from a local store and do the screen replacement by learning the step by step procedure from any of the online tutorials available. When you try to fix iPad screen crack yourself, you have the risk of lapsing the warranty of your iPad. A small mistake can lead to the battery being damaged or the circuit being fried which eventually could also turn out to be dangerous for the user.

4. Approach a professional

Getting the iPhone screen replaced from a professional iPhone repair company is one of the simplest options. This is not as costly as approaching Apple for the task and it is not as risky as doing the replacement yourself. This balances the benefits of both the approaches and poses to be one of the most preferred options.

When you find an iPhone repair center with a lot of experience and expertise in handling Apple product repairs then you can be sure that your phone is in safe hands.

With the assurance that only quality spares and products are used for the replacement process, you can obtain professional results and your phone handed back to you as good as new. With reputed companies like iService, the repair process is just a click away. Place your repair request and the team would get back to you with the best solutions to your current iPhone or iPad issue.