Xiaomi vs OnePlus: Who Offers Better after Sales Service in India

When you buy a smartphone among the plethora of things you consider, one of the most crucial parameters is the after sale service offered by the brand. It is a competitive market out there and smartphone manufacturers are striving to make reliable and resilient smartphones. But you definitely have to be prepared for the worst. After buying a great phone, if you find some trouble with it, you would definitely not want to roam far and wide trying to get the repair done without breaking the warranty terms. This is why you would need a brand that has good service centers especially in your city, in your locality. This would ensure quicker and more convenient service after sales.

Xiaomi and OnePlus are two brands that are pretty new to the smartphone market. But with the impressive smartphones, they have released the brands are neck on neck on the top charts. How do they compete with each other in terms of the after sale service in India? A few years back the one thing that most customers who owned a Xiaomi or OnePlus smartphone complained about was poor customer service. There were very few service centers. The service times were also inconveniently long due to the limited warehouses for major repairs. But both the companies have been working on the issue and things have changed now, for good.

Xiaomi service centers

The company has been focusing on customer satisfaction in the recent times. The quality of after sale service offered by the brand has been seen to rise steeply in the recent year. Within the last 6 months, the number of service centers available for Xiaomi all over India has doubled. The 500th service center in India was recently opened, in Bengaluru.

There has been a marked surge in the sales of Xiaomi phones and how did the brand choose to repay the customers that gave the brand a warm welcome? By opening more service centers and enhancing the convenience and the overall experience of all its customers. Here are some quick facts about the service centers of Xiaomi:

· Nearly 100 out of the 500 service centers are exclusive Xiaomi service centers while the rest are multi-brand service outlets who offers Mi service. The service centers are spread out in more than 350 towns and cities.
· The brand has a mix of large and small service centers. No matter the size of the service outlet, the brand only appoints them after stringent tests and considerations so that customers can be assured of the best quality of service
· More than 4000 people are employed in the service sector of the brand. There are 3 large factories catering to major repairs, 26 smaller warehouses, 2 large warehouses exclusively for spare parts, 2 call centers and an exclusive center of the brand as well. The numbers are rising and this only indicates the significance the brand has recently been giving for the after sale service concerns of the customers.

OnePlus service in India

OnePlus has been a brand that has stood apart in its processes on the whole. The brand made a name for itself with its digital only approach. It started out small without too many large manufacturing units. The production was mainly to cater to the demands and this also made inventory management simpler. But this also made after sale service tougher. Earlier there was a global partner chosen by the brand to fulfill all the OnePlus smartphone service requests. But the market in India is much different from that in the other countries. The diversity of the market here made it difficult for the company to keep up in the race earlier. It became challenging to open a service center in all the major towns and cities and also ensure quality service.

The global customer service strategy was flexed and service centers suitable for the Indian market were established in the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. There is a service company based in Germany that works with OnePlus to look into the service requests from India. This is a measure that was laid to establish a turnaround time of 1 hour and the brand strives to sort out nearly 90% of the issues within this turnaround time. The company has also planned some major investments and reforms in order to improve the after sale service in India this year. We now have authorized service centers in most of the towns and cities in India and we can expect this to further increase in the coming years.

Wrapping up

Multi-brand smartphone service centers in Indian cities will continue to serve a large chunk of Xiaomi and OnePlus owners. The current scenario of service center locations and the response puts Xiaomi one step ahead of OnePlus. Both the companies, however, are now striving to move ahead in this area. In the coming years we are sure to see a lot of improvement as both these are showing unparalleled progress in terms of the sales.