An Open Letter to Steve Bannon

Dear Mr. Bannon,

Nothing I could say right now — no vulgarity or accusation of inhumanity — could begin to do justice to the name calling that you deserve. Let’s start there.

Second: The media should and will refuse to “keep its mouth shut and just listen” (your exceptionally un-American words, January 25) to your team’s mountain of lies, distortions, and anti-American policy proposals.

News outlets should, however, completely change how they cover the Troll Doll in Chief. Namely, they should simply begin ignoring the shiny offensive words he spouts from his favorite megaphone (or the putrid garbage on his team and the fumes they waft out, yourself very much included) and focus on his official actions.

(Side note to the media: The worst presidential transition in history is plenty newsworthy, as are casual threats to destroy decades-old, economically vital agencies. And attempts to silence government scientists. These are easy stories, too. But I digress.)

The more the media covers the policies you are trying to implement, the more horrified the public becomes. Buyer’s remorse is already in full evidence. See, for example, his appalling 36% approval rating. That’s not primarily because Trump lied about [insert literally the last topic he discussed], but because his policies are atrocious and horrifying.

I started an open letter to him to petition for redress of grievances, but I can’t even keep up.

The best revenge the media can get on you is simply to cover your policy proposals and the arguments for and against them. Because that, as we both know, is bad news for the Trump administration.

36% approval ratings don’t just happen, Steve-O.

The more people know about your boss’s official actions, the more they wish virtually anybody else had won the election.

Even if you could, it would be downright silly for you to silence mainstream news outlets now — and thankfully, you’re many years worth of packing the courts away from that.

Instead of yelling at the news media, you should be thanking them for playing so clearly into your hand this whole time. (As I type this, WNYC is speculating about whether Sen. Gillibrand’s votes against your awful nominees means she’s running in 2020. Ugh.)

Heaven help you if the journalists snap out of it and actually focus exclusively on the Trump administration’s official actions.

You villainous scum.

Most Very Sincerely,

Bill D. Herman, Ph.D.

P.S. I hope you all see what I did here. This, too, is an insult-laden publicity stunt to get your attention. It probably won’t work, but if it goes viral, that’s why, and that says something. The most fascist president I can name and his team of ogres might have no shame, but you probably do. Now go call your senators and representatives, every day, mobilize your friends, etc.— before we all die.