Christians, Don’t Be Dumb
Nicholas J. Weyrens

Nick, I share your desire for Christians to respond to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergfell with love, thoughtfulness, and Christ-like concern. However, I am shocked at the naivete many Christians display where the ramifications of this ecision are concerned. Either they didn’t actually read much about the arguments before the court, or failed to read any of the dissenting opinions, expecially Justice Alito.

During the oral arguments, Justice Alito questioned Solicitor General Verilli on the potential application of the Bob Jones precedent if the Court ruled that the states must recognize same-sex marriage. Verilli admitted that the precedent would indeed impact organizations that maintain policies against same-sex marriage. (If you’re not familiar with the Bob Jones University case, the school lost its tax-exempt status because it prohibited interracial dating and marriage by its students. the IRS deemed that position to be against “fundamental public policy” and jerked their tax exemption. They appealed, and lost their case at SCOTUS.)

So let’s not be dumb. Let’s recognize that the Court’s use of racial and sex discrimination as analogies has now placed same-sex marriage on that high constitutional plane, rendering dissent nothing less than a civil rights offense. In the states of Washington and New Mexico, businesses have been close and fines imposed on individuals who refuse to participate in gay weddings. This will now become a nationwide problem. It is only a matter of time — a short time, I predict — before a Christian college is sued for denying student housing to a same-sex couple. Churches will be next. The institutional church will come under assault, because the gay lobby is not satisfied with equaity. They will insist on submission. In the end, only one church will be acceptable — the one the state approves. It’s dumb to think otherwise.

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