How cool would it be to see video of the Beatles, working out their first few songs, in their early practice space?

Or, what about be able to watch a video of Picasso as he’s working on an early piece, and discussing his process along the way?

Imagine seeing Eddie Murphy bombing at an open mic when he was unknown.

Now, imagine your future fans, or perhaps even your grandkids, being able to go back and watch you, in the early days. Documenting your process is the easiest way to generate tons of content for now, to attract new fans, but also has major long term benefits.

Build your brand now, and preserve these days for posterity. You will be gald you did.

Music sales continue to plumet, as downloads are replaced by streams. Monetizing music has become more challenging than ever. Some of that lost revenue has been offset by not having to produce physical copies.

While the decor industry establishment has spent the past 20 years playing catchup, the market continues…

Penguins, Pandas and Hummingbirds

In the olden days of SEO (Pre 2011 when Panda and Penguin came along), it was a simple formula, for the most part. He with the most backlinks wins. And with that, came link farms, article spinners, keyword stuffing and all sorts of shady practices. It…

Bill Gelwick

Dad, Musician, Marketer, starting a new record label for the modern era.

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