White supremacy on the op-ed page
Matt DeRienzo

The issue that Mr. White misses (and he does make several good points that those professing to be Christians completely ignored true Christian principals while ignoring or participating in slavery) is that today, people are not railing against what the confederacy WAS, as much as against what it represents today.
Today, the confederacy and its statues, flags and heroes are embraced by people who ARE, IN FACT, RACIST. They view non-whites as less than them, as less intelligent, as less civilized, as less worthy, and (truly mind blowing), some view non-whites as less loved by God.
The Civil War, at best, was a war for the rights of states to self-govern. But that involved dissolving the Union, as it was comprised, because the south would not respect the will of the federal government. This reared its ugly head again in the 50s and 60s as the Federal government forced the desegregation of schools and colleges in the south.
It’s not that long removed.
So Mr. White needs to understand that the removal of military statues and flags in the south is no0 different than removing statues and flags of the Nazi party in Germany.

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