Is it useful to think this thing?

When you question yourself, your self-perceived ability, wether or not you believe that you’re good enough for something or someone… ask yourself “Is it useful?”

  • Is it useful to doubt myself?
  • Is it useful to think negatively?
  • Is it useful to question my ability?
  • Is it useful to pout when something doesn’t go the way I wanted it to?
  • Is it useful to be upset?
  • Is it useful to be afraid?

Oftentimes we tell ourselves stories that have no foundation in fact–they’re rooted in worry, self-doubt, and lack of confidence in ourselves. It’s important that we understand the story that we’re telling ourself by slowing down to listen and observe just how ridiculous and untrue these stories are so that we can move past them with a clear mind.

p.s. I didn’t proof read any of this so there’s probably a typo or twelve. :)