Beautiful simulation!

Hi! Thanks for the response!

I’m sure I don’t understand the devil and the details as well as you, but one thing did occur to me from your response

You said “if there are only two seats created in the reshuffle, the men can’t sit there anyway”, which is why you chose to fill the seats with women.

So, the manspreaders are lowering efficiency in their own group. If you separate out total occupancy into occupancy by men and occupancy by women, they’re actually more significantly lowering occupancy by men (probably more than in the general population). Simply put, their greatest achievement is preventing other men from sitting down, not necessarily women.

Anyways, that may be the best argument for why you’re refilling the seats with women. I don’t have another method of rearranging people. Mostly I commented b/c I wanted to make sure I understood what you did.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.