The picture with areas circled in red are the two areas damaged called structural damage that caused me to have head tremors that went away when I laid down flat or leaned the weight of my head against a metal SOMI neck brace. I had head tremors that looked like Parkinsons disease, wry neck with spasms, acquired torticollis with spasm, and Multiple sclerosis about 5% of patients have head tremor and die within 5 years. All of these have identical symptoms and involve the brain stem area at the base of the posterior skull, the side injury avulsion tear of the levator scapulae muscle from the C-1 vertebra can occur on either side. This problem spans even to new born babies with difficult deliveries to any age from a traumatic set of injuries.

The key is that the structural damage is being overlooked and on MRI which we have the ability to see 3-D and 4-D inside the human body today and if a person has these injuries the one at the base back of the skull the posterior longitudinal ligament can be repaired and the herniated cerebellar tonsils can be healed. The surgical procedure is done for another condition called Chairi type I and type 2 that have been thought to be congenital but many cases are not. I have a book published under DR. Bill NHD you can find the ebook to give more details. Milllions are affected even by the posterior longitudinal ligament at the base of the skull being overstretched or torn ruptured. This shows as a break in the ligament. The muscles of the skull, neck and back pull on this ligament at a resistance and once ruptured/torn.overstretched the head, arms and upper torso shakes more when you try to lift a 2 gallon jug of milk even. Lifting up an object , pulling a heavy door open you shake more. When you push an object it does not pull at a resistance on the posterior longitudinal ligament so tremors, spasms are not changed. When you sit up straight the tremors increase as it pulls the skull base into the herniated cerebellar tonsils. They can even go on to be called intention tremors and if these two structures are not ruled out then no real help can come to you the patient with head tremors. Once this ligament is ruptured , torn, overstretched the skull translates forward and causes herniation of the cerebellar tonsils, then the other peduncles at the brain stem give each person some additional symptoms depending on what peduncles are involved in getting pushed, pressured and pulled down with the cerebellar tonsils through the foramen magnum of the skull.

These injuries happened to me 20 years ago and it took almost 6 years of suffering before I found help a Neuro surgeon; a God send named Michael Rosner Neurosurgeon helped save my life, in Hendersonville, NC. A Doctor who does surgery for a unique type of injury admits mine was from traumatic injuries. Even when terms are interchanged spasm for tremor we still are having the same problem just a different doctor may use a different term. Our areas of diagnostics have to change as today we will diagnose a person with MS multiple sclerosis just based on seeing spots on an MRI, but if the same person has spots with no symptoms they call it silent Multiple sclerosis which is totally unscientific. With Spasmodic torticollis they focus on the side the neck will constrict towards and the injury is on the other side at the levator scapulae insertion to C-1 vertebra to be looked at , checked, ruled out by your doctors. They have the technology with 3-D and 4-D mRI’s and CT cat scans. With the avulsion or tear of the levator scapulae muscle at C-1 left or right side will show, the body neck constricts and can be stretched out regularly so the patient does not have a permanent constriction develop. The body is trying to protect the area as it can tell a structure is not holding the vertebrae in place. The levator scapulae muscle inserts on both sides of C-1 thru C-4 cervical/neck vertebrae and there is no surgery for this but the surgery that repaired my posterior ligament did give me back my life. I can do almost anything I did before, except I can not lift big heavy patients is what popped avulsed tore the levator scapulae muscle on me while OSHA violation attempting and taking care of 42 patients alone, moving and re-positioning them. The back posterior ligament happened nine days later because I could not turn my head as blood and bone fragments from the levator scapulae avulsion prevented. I was sent to an older Chiropractor who did no xray no MRI just sat me in an office chair and he sat in one reached to my head and did a rotational manipulation with me sitting upright , this caused great pain up the back of my neck and skull and head tremors started almost immediately, irregular heart beat, balance loss, and feeling like I needed to shuffle my feet to not move hardly.I found out later this procedure should never be done this way. An MRI was done a month later and showed blood pooled and these two structures torn. Before this I could run and do anything I wanted physically. I do not run to put stress on my body as I had a car rear end mine 14 months after these two traumatic injuries and it further damaged my neck and throat, thoracic spine whiplash and my pelvis had to be fused with a harrington rod across my iliac arches. Right S-I joint fused due to where my right foot was on the brake when a car hit me sitting still to make a left hand turn. These injuries were all missed or overlooked also. I had to teach myself to read the MRI, learn deep anatomy and find doctors to help. I also earned my own BS,MS and Doctorate in Natural Health Sciences My nursing BS I had seven classes to go and injuries stopped that goal. So I did the Natural Health Sciences in addition to my head tremor research. My goal is to educate people and help them find answers to help their body if injured and find how health is Basic Health Balance which I am publishing books on this e-books under my pen name DR. Bill. N.H.D. if you want to see more. I also publish a series of cook books for soy lovers called Tofu, Soy Enjoy! I hope if you take care of patients or know people with head tremors that stop when they lay flat as down on the bed you will help them know there is help. The e-book shows copies of the actual MRI sagittal and transverse sections. Namaste!

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