Rice cakes (Vegan snack)

This is a great recipe that I learned over ten years ago from my mother when our family was vegan. We had a limit to what we could eat a lot of the time but when we were able to indulge, we did indeed enjoy this and a few other delectable recipes I have for any one who does not eat meat and wants something that taste just as good if not better…


  1. 1 pack of regular sized round (plain) rice cakes
  2. extra virgin olive oil
  3. Spike (seasoning)
  4. dill weed
  5. cayenne
  6. garlic powder
  7. nutritional yeast flakes (or brewers yeast flakes)

Grab a large size bowl to put the rice cakes in and break them up. Not too roughly to pulverize them and make a lot of them get crushed in the process whereby leaving a lot of crumbs but gently break them up into little pieces.

Grab a large spoon to mix and stir the rice cakes, while at the same time drizzling olive oil over them all. Not too much olive oil though. try to hurry and shake a slightly generous amount of all the seasonings one by one over all the olive oil drizzled rice cakes while stirring. Use a little more nutritional yeast then everything else and a little less cayenne then everything else.

Wallah! That’s it, I would suggest putting them in Ziploc bags or a container for freshness if not devoured right away. ;-)

Be careful not to put too much Spike(salt) or cayenne and these little healthy bites will be so tasty. You won’t want to put them down.

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