Chapter 1: Do NOT Feed The Animals

~If you feed them, they won’t come.

There are a handful of severely mentally ill people in this world. They represent a very small number of our total and complete population. Yet, you will notice, that parts of the world where medications for severe mental illness cost a lot of money, the numbers are HUGE compared to the rest of the world.

America is one of those countries. America loves a good old fashioned conflict of interest. Here is a very interesting one. The same people who INVENTED mental health medications ALSO invented and discovered mental illness! :)

What does this mean? This means that the people who DECIDE who is mentally ill are the same people who benefit from the astronomical amount of money they make off their treatment which is mostly medicinal in today’s world. Yes, my friends, BIG PHARMA benefits in every single way when someone is diagnosed with a mental illness and man oh man are the people getting more and more mentally ill these days!

Each generation has a whole new source of mentally people and the numbers grow! In 2012 WHO (World Health Organization) said that one in FIVE people in the world have a mental illness that needs medication. Today, the number is ONE IN FOUR. The amount of people who NEED medication for their mental illness grows with every passing moment.

Now, I just want to hate Big Pharma for this. After all, when they are targeting children with glorified meth and cocaine to control their ‘hyperactivity’ it can be very upsetting. Yet, when mother’s little helper, Valium, was found to be so much more fruitful if they could also blame her depression on her child and make him a life long customer too, it is hard just to blame the people who are targeting them. After all, are we not willing victims in this world? Well not all but at least in my country, I see volunteers for medication all around me!

Yet, it was not enough to just profit off these people because a bunch of doped up people are unable to work and that is bad. We can’t have a bunch of people addicted to their mental health drugs in the streets! I know! Let’s make it a collecting disease for the Social Security System! GENIUS! Now the tax payers can be forced to buy meds for them, take care of them on every level of their lives from rent right down to food and lights, and further take care of the mini mes they spit out somehow while so depressed they can’t get off the couch and we can add to their children to the medication list! Woohoo!

I propose to that if Depressed Suzy and offspring were left to their own devices they would not starve and eventually she would get her ass off the couch and take care of business. Do you know what I notice? I notice if you agree to care of them, they will let you. That is the nature of the one in four in this country. Yet, you will notice as well that the majority of these people are over weight, eating fast food, and not getting any exercise. All factors that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Somehow, Suzy managed to get her ass off the couch to get to McDonalds but can’t get up and take care of her family! Oh the horror!

I propose to you that if you stopped paying for Suzy’s drugs and Suzy’s life, she would survive and so would her house full of kids she made even though she is dying from depression and wants to off herself every day. Do you know what killing a Big Mac every day is called? Survival! That does not sound or look like someone who does not want to live. I bet Little Johnny would like a Big Mac. Who is Little Johnny, you ask? Well read on, you need to know!

Maybe, Suzy, does not deserve to live? Maybe we should let Suzy die? OMG! WHAT DID I JUST SAY? Well, before you decide that is horrible, I want you know about Little Johnny. Maybe you already know Little Johnny. In reality his name is probably something very fancy that I can not pronounce like Little Subaru or Little Monahawaki but whatever his name is… he deserves to live but you and I and our society have decided that Suzy being able to take her medication and lay on the couch and eat McDonalds while spitting ten little copies of herself to pollute the gene pool was more important than Little Johnny.

Little Johnny, aka Little guy with a name you have never heard before lives in a third world country. Big Pharma has come to his country to steal all the valuable resources so they can make medications for Suzy and her brood of mentally ill children. Little Suzuki would like to have a clean glass of water to help his tummy swallow the stomach full of worms he is forced to carry around because he can not get health care but he can’t, not today. He will be lucky to get a glass of mud water for the next two days because Suzy likes McDonalds and she just can’t go on without her Meth Amphetamine which says “Meth Amphetamine” right on the prescription bottle.

I think that Suzy deserves to sit on her couch and die. She should have done that before she doomed more humans to copy her behavior and be told they are too hyper and need to take this poison that was created by robbing Little Sodoku of all the resources he needed for a healthy life. I would like to say that Suzy did just that but statistics show that if you do not feed the Suzys of the world, they tend to feed themselves. If you stop giving Meth to Suzy, she will actually get off the couch and do her dishes.

Suzy does not have severe mental illness. Suzy has the garden variety anxiety and depression of non specific origin that makes Big Pharma BIG and Psychology Today wealthy. That is who Suzy is. PLEASE stop feeding the Suzys. They are killing the Little Sanduskis of the world and I believe that the Little Sabonskas of the world would never lay on the couch and produce responsible children and NEVER eat at a McDonalds. That is just who Little Cecil is. He is a good kid. You would like him, if you were not busy killing him.

Little Johnny, aka whatever his name is, he did not deserve to die. His life was precious. He felt his life was precious and worth fighting for. He walked a mile a day to get one glass of muddy war because Suzy couldn’t get off the couch.

Let Suzy die, I assure you most Suzys, are going to survive. Little Johnny, well Suzy is killing little Johnny. I say we do nothing. Let Suzy die. I assure you she mostly will not.

THIS is the reality broken down for you: SUZY DOES NOT THINK HER LIFE IS PRECIOUS. She is begging the world to give her drugs and convince her that it is. She is willing murder uncountable children in far away lands to get this done. She is willing to make more people just like her that will kill even more small children.

I propose to you that SUZY’s life is not precious.