Chapter 2: Can I Prove It To You?

~In a world that is mad, the voice of sanity will be lonely and unheard.

If you had read this chapter before those who I told you were not precious would you have thought differently about my words? If I had shared with you my true heart would you have considered what I wrote with a different idea? I put Chapter two at the end. I wanted you to see how you see people as unworthy without my tainting it with an inconvenient truth. I wanted you see how our actions are affecting the world around us without it being touched by the truth of the matter. I hope I was successful:

I look at my world that has made life so unworthy. I look at my people who have accepted that their life is more special than that of the innocence of humanity. I look at them with sad eyes and a broken heart and I know that I am not alone. I would give my life today so that one mother in Libya did not have to find her child floating in the ocean. That child’s life is precious. Mine is not. I would offer my life to save ONE child in Somalia, that life is precious, mine is not. It is the actions of myself and my own people who have made my life so unworthy. It is world around me that has caused life to become so very lacking in anything that is special.

If today my only action is to remind people that as long we make innocent life ineligible of the precious that it is, we are dooming humanity to its end. Every time we justify the death of innocence as ‘collateral damage’ we murder our genetics and change humanity for the bitter end. If we continue to ignore the destruction of the world’s most innocent, we are asking the universe to end humanity. The innocence of this earth, the truly precious life, is being slaughtered all around us. We have an obligation to stop this. It is our struggle for survival that should tell us all that this is wrong.

Our murder of innocence in the smallest of humans created the unibomber. Our destruction of and ignorance to the death our newborns around the world is what created 9/11. Our inability to see the world outside of ourselves is why humanity has no great future. We are obligated to fight for innocence. We, as humans, must see the children of the world as our most valuable of all resources and understand it is wrong to justify their murder. You can not tell me you wanted to stop the murder of some children in Syria if you send bombs to rain down on their heads as the solution. You can not tell me you cared about the people living under the threat of a horrible leader in Iraq if your only answer was murder all the people, including all the children. Your answer to murder can not be worse murder. You are wiping out whole peoples. Your ignorance is destroying entire histories! We are killing humanity and every sense of this word. You can not tell me you care about the children of Africa if you consume their daily bread stolen from them for your cushy and unexciting life.

I will fight against the murder of children. I will fight against the destruction of societies that are different than mine. I will call out the evil people who destroy and murder and make life so unnecessary. I will tell you that your ignorance justifies the murder of our smallest humans. I will tell you that your refusal to learn has caused the destruction of entire cities. I will tell you that your dead do not justify your murder. Humanity is dying. We are the cause of this death. I will fight for our survival. I will fight for all the Little Johnnys and all the names I can not pronounce. I will refuse to accept that it is ok to kill them because they are over there and it has no bearing.

For every death a cost and for all cost a death. That is the future of making life that is not precious. That is the outcome of creating life that is not special. I am here to tell you that life IS precious and special. Maybe I am not speaking of your life but I am speaking of the life of your children and just what life are leaving them in a world where you have murdered the children of others? What is this great legacy we leave to our offspring, our mini mes, our little humans that is showered in the blood of the many but excused by the dead of people? Life is precious, all life is precious. There is no excuse great enough. There is no agenda big enough. There are no words sweet enough to allow me to swallow the death of innocence.

I will forever fight to prove to you, my people, that no matter what they have told you and what excuses they have given you, they are wrong! All life is special and the murder of special life has a price. May our children be safe from all of the innocence we have stolen from this Earth. ❤