CHAPTER 3: I’ll Just Leave This Right Here

~Hate is not life, therefore it is not precious.

I thought long and hard where to add this bit of idealism. I wondered if I should not work up to this but in the end I decided to put it right at the beginning so you understand just how extreme this world has become. Further, I want you, dear reader, to know that there is quickly coming a day when freedom of speech and will be no longer and hate will finally have consequences. Where I come from that is called a beautifully incidental silver lining of a very dark cloud. The thought police are on the job!

That day is upon us and soon your ideas will have a price. The day has arrived when your ideas are no longer private and every aspect of your life is watched, judged, and filed into little groups. What do you think they are collecting all this information for? Why have the powers that be decided they needed to know every aspect of your life so badly that they would pass legislation to insure they know it? What, my dear friends, do you think they intend to do with all this information they are collecting about you?

There are two very same and very different men I would like you to know and understand. You see, these two men are the right and left leg of the same body. These men are haters and I would like you to consider that their lives are not precious. Some people on this Earth should be disposed of if only to rid our next generation of the hate they will surely pass on to them. Hate only continues to thrive because haters are allowed to reproduce and hide behind “Freedom of Speech” laws.

The first man I will rightfully call ‘Douche’. Douche is a white man with a swastika tattoo on his arm. His tattoo is worn proudly for all to see. This ink serves a purpose many people have not thought of. First, it is the call to those who harbor hate to join up with him! Second, and the PRIMARY reason he had himself scarred with this hate speech was to instill fear into any Jewish person he encounters. He wants any Jewish person who sees him to know that there are people just like him all over this Earth who hate them and want them dead. He wants them to know that he agreed with Hitler and he would do it himself. His name is Douche. His life is not precious. In fact, there is good reason to believe that his life should be taken to INSURE that at some point in the future, ALL LIFE will be precious but so long as Douche is alive, there will be undeserving life all around us. Douche is the right leg of an undeserving body of hate.

The second man I will call Asshat. Asshat hates all white people and cites Douche as justification. Asshat also uses hate speech. Asshat blames Douche for all his personal bad choices in life. Asshat can relate every bad thing he ever did directly to something Douche did or does. Asshat considers all white people to be just like Douche. Asshat and Douche are the same animal. Their lives are not precious. In fact, without Douche and Asshat in this world, the world would be a better place.

This will be a very short chapter. Asshat and Douche are not worthy of life. As long as Asshat and Douche are allowed to live, they will produce more Douches and more Asshats who will pollute our gene pool with hate.

Soon, Asshat and Douche will be held accountable for their ‘Freedom of Speech’. While one would like to think that the First Amendment is untouchable, the fact is that laws against Free Speech are being made all the time. Obama normalized this practice but he was not the first one. He was, however, the first president that was able to convince the people that his violation of the First Amendment was perfectly acceptable. He said it with a smile and they all said, “Isn’t he a nice guy?” while he robbed them of just a little bit more of their freedom.

The days of Douche and Asshat are coming to a close very quickly. They will go out with our Freedom of Speech. Their lives are not precious. I will miss my freedom but I won’t miss that Douche and Asshat! They were a real problem in our society. Again, their lives are NOT precious. It is BECAUSE we want all life to be precious some day that their lives must end. Some day, this will very much be a reality in this country, some day, very soon.

I add to the list of life that is not precious: Asshat and Douche.

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