Chapter 5: Leave No Stone Unthrown

~While creating a perfect window, there should be no stone too large.

If we are all in agreement that at least some of these people have the right to life that is not precious, then we must clean out every home. There should be no disease left behind to fester into any of the other categories. Never underestimate the power of a bacteria to adjust to its environment. Dirty things often harbor and breed dirtier things. An old sandwich will eventually grow mold. That mold will attract maggots. The cycle of rot is never pretty and never exclusive. It can and will ALWAYS get worse.

Presenting the most extreme, we move on to those who hide THE VERY WORST in dark places and live in denial of their crimes. I present to you, my fellow Americans, the dark side of our society, I offer you the lost. The lost have many names, some call them ‘sheep’, ‘libtards’, ‘republicants’, and so much worse. They have many names but mostly I just call them, Average Americans.

I offer you my people. I do not offer you ALL of my people but some of my people and many of my people. My people are privileged. They are the most privileged people on the planet but they will be the FIRST in line to tell you about their first world problems and why it is not true! People all over this world are pillaged and murdered for their valuable resources to provide a cushy and posh life for the most needy in my society. These people do not know they are leading posh lives, they think they are poor. They don’t know poor. They don’t know needy. They do not know hunger. They will never understand the true meaning of the words they use to describe their own lives. How could they know? They do not even know they are sheep, in fact, they call other people sheep! I have seen them do it!

I want to tell that their lives are precious. I want to tell you that they are worth saving. I want to tell you that they can learn. I want to tell you many things! These are my people! THEIR LIVES MUST BE PRECIOUS! I can’t tell you their lives are precious. I can tell you why they are not precious. That is all I can tell you.

In the spirit of calling everything by its correct name, I will use the most common names in the United States. James and Mary are the most common names. Let us start with Mary first, ladies before gentlemen or so the story goes.

Mary is divorced mother of two. She fights for child support and works two jobs to take care of her family. She can barely make her rent. She has to get food stamps aka Snap and other programs to help her pay her bills and care for her children. Mary lives in a cheap apartment building and has to move at least once every few years because she can not make her rent. Mary is a hard working mother of two who has never broken the law and supports her family to the best of her ability. Mary is very unhappy.

Mary has the internet and could go get an education. Mary could save great amounts of money using the tools she has in her possession. Mary has a cell phone with unlimited internet and she has internet in her home that she uses on her laptop. Mary spends her nights on the internet playing with her friends. She talks about how hard her life is and what a crap head her x husband is and how horrible Obama is and how much he ruined her life.

Mary is atypical mother of America. She parrots headlines in the Main Stream Media and claims all Muslim people are extremists and she is justified in wanting them all dead! Mary is a sheep. Mary has the ability to learn about the third world countries she speaks of as if she is an expert but she would rather just hang with her friends and fit in. She doesn’t care about truth. Truth has no place in Mary’s world. Her words help to create a country that approves of the murder of many for valuable resources. If the Mary’s of my country did not exist, there would be NO justification for war and the well read would NEVER allow this government to get away with these fraudulent wars.

Is Mary’s life precious? Or are the Mary’s of my country the reason little babies are washing up on shorelines in Turkey and Libya? Surely Mary can’t be to blame for reading the newspaper and believing what it said! It was on Facebook! How was she to know that this was fake news? Mary has only a primary education. She is doing the best she can!

James could be Mary’s twin brother! The only difference is James leans to the left when it comes to politics. He wants free college and loves Muslims but his hate and blame is aimed at anyone like Mary. He also parrots the Mainstream media and shares things he doubts on Facebook. He could be using his time when not working to learn but instead, he just would rather be accepted by his social group. He is a hard working American, just like Mary. He is also doing the best he can!

Or are they doing the best they can? Are the lives of Mary and Jame precious? In answering this question, I will ask, do Mary and James think their lives are precious? Let us explore how much Mary and James value their own lives.

Right now, in Syria, there are children giving 5000% just to not starve to death every single day. They thrive on things like a home, education, food sources, they are LIVING in an unlivable situation. They had very little to start with in their blooming nation, now they have nothing, but they are STILL surviving.

Mary and James have access to every single resource this good Earth has to offer. They can order just about anything their little heart desires online. They could get an education of any degree if they wanted. They could take classes online even if it came to that. They have the power to be self sufficient. Did you know that people come to our country from other countries and get the best of educations and they TRULY understand what a blessing and wealth it is to live in the United States of America. If the lights went out and the food stopped coming to market, the immigrant who came to this country is going to be just fine. They know how to care for their families with the smallest of resources. Yet we look at Mary and James and they are having a total nervous breakdown because the internet went out for one hour. When the lights went out, they did not even have a candle to light! What would they do if the power did not come back on! What if Walmart did not have anymore milk or toilet paper?

Mary and James live in the TRUEST land of opportunity but are not self sufficient and can not care for themselves in any emergency situation. If the power goes out for days, they will be in a school gym being provided MRE’s from the federal government. Mary and James have proven through their own actions they do not think their lives are precious.

So I ask you, why do YOU think Mary and James lives are precious? I, personally, agree with Mary and James. Their lives are not precious.