Chapter 6: Let Us Pray

~Kill all the children and kill them in my name, said no God ever.

Religion is incredibly important in the happenings around the world today. The three biggest players, whom I shall refer to as the ‘unnamed’ are all in competition to see who can use the name of their God to make the largest pile of bodies. They read their holy books, justify their mass murder, and pray for the biggest war of all so their god will come save them from themselves. History continues and religion continues to taint it with absolute horror, blood, and death.

Are the lives of the religious precious? According to their holy books, no, no they are not. Onward extremists, war will bring our God! That is the word of the Lord in the world I live in. They smile and say “God Bless You” while praying for ‘end times’ and professing how their holy books have predicted the death of babies on every corner of the Earth.

Religion needs no introduction, no explanation, and no defense. In my mind, religions are indefensible. They are the most dangerous of all community gatherings on this Earth. Every time someone brings the name of a God into the conversation, the people he loves and the people he won’t forgive always comes into play.

I will not waste time explaining something that is common knowledge. The lives of religious people are limited by their belief systems and they prefer them that way. They will be the first ones to tell you a.) Their body is a temple of a God and b.) Their life is not precious. It is the afterlife they seek.