Chapter 8: Are You S & P

~Who are you, you precious man, with all your toys so big?

I want to ask you a question. Are you special? Are you precious? If you feel you are then I want to ask another question. What makes you special and precious? Is it the car you drive? Is it the God you love? Is it the number on the front page of your online banking statement? What is your special quality that makes your life so precious? Do you smile every day? Have you found the meaning of life? What great entity decided you were more precious than the children of the world or the hard working widow down the street? What are your special qualities that make your life worth gleam?

Today, we grade everyone. Everyone has a mark and a tier. This person is reliable and that makes them precious. This person is blessed with a mountain of family money and that makes them special. This person was born beautiful on the outside and that makes them superior! What are your redeeming qualities, my friend? How did you get to become precious life in a world where life is not special any longer? Who are you to show me your wares and claim them a redeeming quality when the greatest of innocents in our world are not precious or special at all?

I see people claiming nationality is what makes them so great! I was born on the soil of the free and brave and my dead prove my greatness! People died for me! It was soldiers and gods and many before me who sacrificed much to make me precious! I am precious! My death count proves it! That is their official story and the only story they have. It will have to be good enough, locked away in that special spot, with the other things that are not to be questioned, right along with ‘life is precious’ they added ‘my life is precious because people died for me’.

I could write you twenty books that explained how all life is not special any longer. I could present a thousand cases in the last week where life was not worthy or precious. I could spend a life time proving my point but in fact, it does not really matter all. Everyone thinks their life is more valuable. They see their freedom and their studied words as a good enough response to destroying this precious life. In fact, the only time they seem feel any remorse for their actions is when it hits them personally. Everyone else, the people who are not precious, they are just over there. Nobody that I know died for them. They are not special as I am. My life is precious, your life is not. I will never say the words outright but my actions will prove it to the world.

You do not need to answer. You have shown me how very precious you are. You a pure example of how precious you are when held up to the light of the world. You are the only precious creature and every time I see you, I know you are special, special and precious, more special and precious than all others on this Earth. Your life is more worthy, your future is more important, your health is all that matters. Have I really found the precious life they speak of? Could it truly be that the only truly special life is our own? Is this the precious life they have hammered into my mind? My life? My great, honorable life, broken into tiers by things I own and things I wear and how I look? How many degrees grace my walls decide it? That is it then? You are only precious if you kill enough innocent children to get everything your little heart desires? Please tell me this is not it. I could not bear this truth!

Yet, I look around and this is the ONLY truth I see. Your God, your money, your good physical appearance, your standard of living, your nice new car, your perfect little children, your dead who died for you, your ability to be positive in a world filled terrible people… THESE are the defining characters that decide precious life. These are what we call precious qualifications. This was not meant to be another page of proof of life is not precious but it certainly reads that way doesn’t it?