Chapter Four: Painful Passing

~If one agrees they deserve to die, who are you to argue?

Welcome to the world of the most hated. There is one word so ugly that even those who bear its mark are afraid to admit it is theirs to own. This person is so hideous and alarming that even if you did not agree with my first examples, you will probably agree with this one. One could hardly blame you for changing sides once they hear the name. We will call every thing by its proper name. This thing is called Pedophile.

Pedophiles, possibly the most hated on this Earth, even hate themselves. The social science and investigation into pedophilia has proven that most pedophiles are victims of the very crime they are perpetrating upon our society. Yes, you read that right, pedophiles are creating pedophiles by their horrific actions of raping little humans. The very act of raping a child should be punishable by death. Most of us agree upon this.

To make matters worse, studies have shown that there is no one medication or therapy that has been successful in treating the majority of pedophiles. Almost all pedophiles who are released back into society re-offend and create more pedophiles. Imagine that this is what we are facing. These people are like the plague on our people of the world. Everyone they touch catches their disease. We can not fix them. What choice do we have?

Did doctors think that the life of the plague was precious. Surely it is a different form of life but still life and they eradicated it like the disease it is. This should be the same for pedophiles. In the very least, they should be willing to under go the most extreme of experimental drugs, therapies, and treatment to try and find a cure for future generations of pedophiles they created!

Even if you think it is not humane to end the lives of pedophiles in this generation, would it not be the most humane for future victims of these pedophiles? I think the only solution to ending pedophilia in our society is to search them all out and put them down, one by one, until they are fully and completely eradicated. There is excuse for this crime. There is no way other way to end this illness. In our search for life that is not precious, this is one I would qualify as a top contender of the life least precious on the list.

I would like to ask you to consider, if you need further convincing, that there are groups of Pedophiles who hide in the darkness. They are PROUD of their love of children. They are not gay, they are pedophile men who love little boys. They claim a RIGHT to this love. The group is called NAMBLA. This is the North American Man Boy Love Association. Yet, not to be outdone, there are women who are just as disgusting and dangerous running a group called “Butterfly Kisses” which brags their women love of little girls. I am disgusted to even put their names in print. These people need to die, if you ask me.

I ask you to consider, if no other life, that the life of a pedophile is not precious. Many pedophiles agree with me.