‘Openly Racist’


The new media buzz word is ‘Openly Racist’! Think about what that means or is saying. It is basically saying we are all racists BUT we must criminalize the man who is doing out in the open for all to see!


Yea, how about just ‘racist’? Here is what I am seeing in this world today. I see racists all around me following the media for who they are SUPPOSED to HATE on any given day. If you don’t keep up, you may get yourself in a situation where you will be called ‘openly racist’! Please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, try to stay on track.

Now, while Bill Clinton was running for President, you were supposed to HATE Muslims. (BTW he hasn’t changed much since that time either, see it here!) Yes, my friends, Muslims had just committed 9/11 and they are the horror of our nightmares! HATE THEM OR YOU WON’T BE COOL! JUST HATE THEM! In fact, it was such a joke that some African Americans were online making videos claiming they felt like a million dollars because Americans no longer HATED them. HOW SAD IS THAT?

Now, Obama comes along and it is not nice to HATE anymore. He has a message of peace UNLESS he wants to go to war. You see, he said no more war on his campaign when running for President! He was going to bring them home so he was met with a WALL of NO NO NO NO When he promoted the war in Syria. Ok, we will just have to promote more HATE!

New headline!

Muslims are CUTTING OFF THE HEADS OF JOURNALISTS AND BLOWING UP FRANCE! OMG! PEOPLE! Get out your HATE books, it is time to HATE Muslims but they have a new name now, it is MUSLIM EXTREMISTS! KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!

HATE book updated! PHEW! Now I wont be ‘openly racist’!

So we go to war with Syria and the agenda to update our HATE books is out but the whole while I have to keep telling myself the reasons they hate us are invalid! I mean EXTREMIST Christians are not hated for sending our tax dollars and armies to murder their lands, their children, their families and steal their lands, oil, and treasures… this is a lot to keep up with! Whatever I do, I don’t want to be ‘openly racist’!

Now, when Bill Clinton ran for office we were supposed to HATE illegal immigrants! They brought in anchor babies and they were on welfare and they are eating up our taxes and filling our streets with drugs! OMG! That video of Bill Clinton sounds suspiciously just like TRUMP’s latest Rhetoric! No matter, TRUMP IS HATEFUL they said, HE IS ‘OPENLY RACIST’!!

Also when Obama was making all these NEW Immigrants who come in on rubber boats because he made their lands so unsafe with bombs while he hunted down ‘EXTREMIST MUSLIMS’ he told us, “don’t worry only 1% of them will be involved with EXTREMISM.” Then some idiot did the math and realized that 1% of 10,000 immigrants was like 1,000 people and holy shit, 1,000 people who want to chop off our heads and blow up our world and HATE us!! (They have a HATE book too!) OMG! Am I now considered ‘openly racist’ because I am afraid of the very people they just told me to be afraid of erm or not afriad of? WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO HATE AGAIN???

Further, I live in New York, and I know it only took SEVEN people to change the entire world and how they think so 1,000 sounds like far too many people to most people even if it means that there will not be any Extremist Muslims in most places. In fact, that number is far too high for most of us to swallow. Yet, I look around and how do I keep count of the Extremists who are all around me yelling to drop a bomb and kill them all? I won’t even mention the horror that Bush pushed on us for the war In Iraq!!

HOW DO I NOT BE ‘OPENLY RACIST’??? or worse, unapologetically racist, or even worse, one paper is calling it BRAZENLY RACIST! OMG! RACISM IS NO LONGER HIDDEN IN OUR BEDROOMS!

I think that word is just right. Exactly right. Right here in America and right all over this world. Go ahead, call me ‘openly racist’ because I fear extremists in all religions. Call me ‘openly racist’ because I fear our government and all they perpetrate on our people. Call me ‘openly racist’ but DON’T FORGET that when you do, you have to look in the mirror and see a racist who is racist behind closed doors.

❤ Peace.