What if I told you, all life is not special?

Prologue: The Ugly Truth

There was not a specific day that I realized the big lie. It was not a great feeling washing over me. There was no epiphany. The great realization lacked any shine or glamour. It was like the anti-establishment of the intended program. I just one day had to finally admit something I had known all along. All life is not special, precious, or even worth saving.

Now, surely that line had been fed to me for the entirety of my days. “All life is special!” Isn’t that the food for thought they have forced upon us all from moment we suck in this garbage they call breathable air on this human infested Earth for the very first time? It is! The concept has been bled into every single aspect of your life, “Life, it is special, all of it, make a note of it, again. and again. and again.” Yet, for whatever reason, I just failed to understand or agree with the memo.

I am sure that is not the most popular statement among intelligent or ignorant people. In fact, it is just a bad thing to say unless you are some kind of monster! After all, the majority of the masses have sucked up that concept, swallowed it whole and without question and they now store it in the recesses of their mind where all the other things they decided are unquestionable and in no need of defense or understanding are kept. All life is special, we all know it, now shut up and save lives, it is the RIGHT thing to do!

I am sure if you have come this far, you are asking yourself, what does she mean? Does she mean sick people? Does she mean liberals? OMG! Is it worse? Is she speaking of a race or a specific disability or maybe even a religion? Who is this crazy and where did she come from? Someone shut her down! Well hold on to your big person panties, my friend, it is far worse than that.

I am watching an ever evolving population of this world that is filled with opinion, arrogance, and hate with absolutely zero data to support it. The only thing that is presented is some scripted and absolutely illicit information provided by an unknown source, somewhere, everywhere, nobody ever heard of. I am watching a populace that has been told it is perfectly acceptable to be lazy, let others make your decisions for you, and stand with everything you KNOW is wrong because all the cool kids are doing it! I am watching chosen ignorance and a refusal to get involved because after all, it just is not cool to talk about anything but your new car and your new shoes and how much you loved your holiday to some place where you spent more than a small country used to feed all of its people last year!

I am embarrassed to admit that I have taken to saying things like, “YOU ARE RIGHT! I AGREE WITH YOU!” repeatedly. I say it over and over to many people. It is not because it is true. In fact, most people I say this to, I do not agree with and I just want them to tuck their ignorant tail between their headline spewing ass cheeks and walk as far away from me as they can possibly get and if they got run over while crossing the street, I would consider it a win for the world! I KNOW! There it is… not all life is special! Now you know.

I live in a country that has so many resources and so many ignorant people that people come to this country and become incredibly wealthy in a New York minute. Yet, I am surrounded by more than a billion people who do nothing but complain, whine, and talk about how hard it is. If the lights went out tomorrow they would curl up in a safe place and die. They throw away cell phones daily while fighting for legal marijuana because after all, it is an herb, not a drug, didn’t you know? They cry because they can’t while they sit on their can. I am surrounded by people who could be anything, everything, but CHOOSE to be nothing.

I am going to present to you, my fellow readers, that not all life is precious or special. I am going to prove to you that some people should be allowed to die. I am going to make a very serious case as to why our generations of humans, on this entire Earth, become less and less worthy of life and when you finally realize that this is ludicrous but absolutely true, I am going to tell you how most of them will die. Does that sound unhealthy or scary? I did not create the current state of affairs in this world. I am simply a truth teller. I am merely the person who will speak what you, as an intelligent and responsible person, have already figured out but were afraid to say.

Not all life is special. Not all life is precious. We should let some people die and not too far in the future, we will begin to do just that. I do not want you to fear this. I do not want you to be emotional. The only thing you need to do is nothing.