Son of Baldwin

While I agree that these people are racist and I most certainly agree that saving the lives of people who harm us is not a wise choice, what kind of statement it this? I am a white woman. My people DIED freeing the slaves. My people DIED under the same hand that enslaved African peoples and brought them to my country. My people died and STILL die. You separate people by color. Who are you to do that? You do not understand that color means nothing unless you are racist POS that you, yourself, claim should be left to die? Color has no bearing on race and African American people are NOT the only victims in the race wars. Have you no conscience telling this white woman she has no place to say? Do you have any idea how many Indigenous people are white? Do you understand the pain the of the Indigenous people and the pain they happily accepted to and STILL accept to stop the ways of racist horror we all live daily? Let me ask you another question. How do you separate your colors when they are all just a big box of DNA crayons. You, fail to understand the very lesson you teach. I am sad to come upon this message. For a long while, while reading your post, I thought you had something to say.

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