The Decent White Woman Who Voted For Trump.
Elizabeth Grattan

White, black, African American, minority, minorities, Muslim, Christian, blah blah blah… I see no decency here. I have not witnessed decency in this country in a long time. I see your finger pointing and your blame game but the experience of humanity starts at home and ends at home. What you see is who you are. You can criminalize, hate, finger, substantiate, abuse, and accuse all you want. You see what you choose to see. I look around and I see all good people, everywhere, just trying to live among a whole bunch of people who can only see hate. You do not know me. You do not know why I voted for who I voted for as nobody else knows anyone else or their reasons for many things. You break life down like it can all be quantified into one little vote. My world, my country, my people, they come in all different varieties and not even one of them wakes up in the morning and says: Hey let me love me some white privilege or let me hate me some African Americans or let me go screw the world today. In fact, the few haters I see are those claiming they have more rights than those trying to take them from them or so they say. I see a ton of people screaming discrimination that have never been party to it and hating their own based on an experience they chose. It is your life, hate it any way you choose, ruin it for anyone you choose, and blame anyone you choose but in my life, people are awesome, all people, my people, your people, their people….we are all just people trying to get somewhere and doing the best we can, no matter who you say we hate or harm on any given day.